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Women’s reservation bill: Mandal parties largely on board but demand quota within quota

New Delhi: Mandal parties from UP, Bihar and Jharkhand on Tuesday questioned the government’s intention of implementing the women’s reservation in the general and assembly elections. The parties have decided to support the bill. However, their demand for inclusion of OBC reservation within the women’s reservation remains.

When a similar bill was passed in the Rajya Sabha in 2010, these parties aggressively demanded inclusion of reservation within reservation. “Anti-OBC forces are currently dominating Parliament. That’s why no justice is being done for OBC women. However, we are not going to obstruct the bill and will help the government in passing it,” Javed Ali, Samajwadi Party MP in Rajya Sabha, told ET. “Once the parties, with an aim to do social justice come into power, we will change this with the inclusion of OBC in this reservation”.

RJD called the bill a ‘fraud’ by the government saying it’s a ‘post-dated promise’. “If the idea behind the women’s reservation bill is to ensure widest representation to women, it cannot be without reaching out to women from SCs, STs and OBCs,” RJD leader Manoj Jha, told ET.

Jha said the government should have adjusted OBC, SC and ST women in the 33% reservation it is committing for women in the bill.

RJD doesn’t want to be seen as opposing women’s reservation but will raise objections to the current form of the bill. Sources in RJD told ET that they won’t obstruct the bill.

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BSP chief Mayawati demanded that reservation be increased from the proposed 33% to 50% and a separate quota for SC/STs and OBCs should be included in the bill. JMM general secretary Supriyo Bhattacharya told ET that the bill without census and delimitation is a farce. “Now the bill is saying that it will be implemented only after the census and delimitation. In that case, we will support this bill,” he told ET. He added OBC reservation might be the concern of some parties but JMM is fine with the provision for SC/STs.Bihar CM and JDU leader Nitish Kumar welcomed the bill and said that the state government has taken several initiatives to increase women’s participation at the local level. He demanded that like SC and ST women, the bill should have provisions for OBC and EBC categories and for that a caste census should be conducted by the Centre.

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