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  • Woman Regularly Feeds Wild Squirrel, Gets Something ‘Very Precious’ In Return: Watch Video

Woman Regularly Feeds Wild Squirrel, Gets Something ‘Very Precious’ In Return: Watch Video

This is indeed cute and thought-provoking as well.

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Woman And Wild Squirrel: Any kind deed of yours touches the life of someone, and your act of kindness comes back to you in the form you could have least imagined or expected. Just like what this wonderful video shows. A woman comes home with shopping bags and when she is about to open the door, she notices a big cookie is placed on the skirting of the wall just next to the entrance door. She just wonders who could have left the cookie there.

The CCTV footage shows that it is a squirrel with a cookie in its mouth who climbed the stairway and the handrail to reach the skirting. Once there, it gently places the cookies and goes away by the same route.


The video is shared on X by Figen @TheFigen_ with the caption: She feeds this squirrel and the squirrel returned the favour by leaving a cookie out for her. The answer to kindness is cute!

This is indeed cute and thought-provoking as well. A small wild animal makes sure to gift its human friend for the love and care that woman has been showering on it.

If only we, the humans could be more thankful and receptive.

The video has received many comments. Sharing a few with you.

UbiSubject17 ☢️@xangiexdx: I feed squirrels on my porch, I came home one day to find a peanut still in it’s shell, carefully placed on my doormat. Squirrel went out of its way to deliver to my door It absolutely made my day!

Rumblo @Rumblestripss: That is the best. Where did the little guy get a cookie?

ShahniVerse @callshahnila: hence proved .. humanity doesn’t only belong  to the humans .

Suzie Sante @SanteSuzie: Raising orphaned squirrels was an incredible experience in understanding they have an amazing consciousness.

AriesTheWolf @AriesTheWolf: This Squirrel has more heart than many humans. Many people wouldn’t believe it unless they saw this for themselves. They have feelings, they are smart. They remember who is kind to them

gravityTSLA @GravityTsla: I like the way it teleported back onto the rail after dropping off the cookie

Wilson Rocketero @WilsonRocketero: What??? Best squirrel in the world!

The Raccfather @lucasj8: Cheering up its human friend after a long day

Edycabas @Edycabas: That’s very generous of that squirrel ️

Beautiful @Beautiranye: We have a lot of squirrels around; never thought about feeding them till now.

Will now start ^2.eth @_isquare: You will never regret being kind.❤️

Halil @halilozbasak: After finding that, watching  CCTV footage would melt my heart

Amit Misra @amit6060: In the silent language of gestures, a squirrel left a cookie. It’s like nature saying, ‘Thank you for the kindness; here’s a little sweetness in return.’ From seeds to cookies, the cycle of kindness continues. Universe loves to respond in its own sweet way to acts of goodwill.

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