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Woman caught putting hair in food to get free meal, her act caught on camera | Trending

In an attempt to get a free meal at a restaurant, a woman placed her hair in her food and later complained to the owner. However, what she didn’t realise was that her act was caught on camera. The incident happened at the Observatory in UK’s Blackburn. The owner has shared a CCTV footage of the incident on Facebook as a ‘warning to other businesses.’

Snapshot of the woman adding hair to food. (Facebook/@TheObservatory)
Snapshot of the woman adding hair to food. (Facebook/@TheObservatory)

Tom Croft, the owner of the restaurant, had to refund the customer’s dinner after she caused a scene and alleged that hair was found in her food. Later, when Croft went back to check the CCTV footage to make sure his staff’s hair was tied back, he discovered how the woman slyly added the hair to the meal, reports Plymouth Live.

He then shared the CCTV footage on Facebook and wrote, “Warning to other businesses. This is not something we like to do, but this industry is difficult enough without people like this sabotaging their own food in order to claim refunds at our expense. Hopefully, this will save other establishments suffering at the hands of these two chancers. The footage clearly shows her ripping hair out of her own head and placing it on his plate, in order to complain and claim a refund.” (Also Read: 60 container charge excessive and unfair’: Zomato clarifies after woman raises concern on Twitter)

At the end of the post, he also asked others to be vigilant in such matters.

In the video he shared, you can see a man and a woman on a table. As they engage in a conversation, the woman quickly grabs a few strands of her hair and adds it to the half-empty plate in front of her.

Watch the video here:

This post was shared on November 5. Since being shared, it has garnered more than 15,000 views. The share has also received numerous likes and several comments. Many took to the comments section of the post to express their anger.

Here’s how people reacted:

An individual wrote, “I’m so sorry this happened to you – but bravo for sharing!”

A second shared, “Anything for a freebie! Wonder how many other venues this has been done to!”

“Oh God, that’s really bad! I hope you hadn’t already refunded them before you saw this footage,” posted a third.

A fourth commented, “The audacity of some individuals.”

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