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Viral Video Of “Dalgona Coffee” Made With A Sieve Got The Internet Taking Notes

Coffee isn’t just a beverage, it is a feeling in itself. It is hard to imagine your mornings, until and unless your senses are rejuvenated and thoughts are awakened with a steamy cup of coffee. And maybe it is this love for the brewed beverage that coffee lovers didn’t shy away from experimenting with it. Well, it is this curiosity that brought forth the concept of dalgona coffee. Remember the COVID lockdown? When people in a bid to maintain social distancing ended up being an expert in beating coffee. Now, a video, that has taken the internet by storm, demonstrates a new and easy way to prepare “iced dalgona coffee.” The best part is that the process only takes four ingredients to give you the finest cup of beverage that can give strong competition to the best cafe in town.

In the crazy viral clip, the content creator uses a big saucer and adds a spoon of coffee, powdered sugar and 5 spoons of hot water. Next, you need to take a strainer and start rubbing it on the mixture, using its straining side. You need to continue this step until your mixture transforms into a thick beige-hued paste. Once ready, take a mug and add chocolate sauce to it. This step depends on your flavours. Now add a few ice cubes in the mug. Top it with three big tablespoons of the paste that you have prepared and then add cold water. Your iced Dalgona coffee is ready. Enjoy.

Watch the full viral video here:

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The way this beverage turned out in the clip, many users revealed that it looked very appetising to them. Several users confessed that in front of this, their morning coffee looked very boring, as a user said, “Just realized how sad my morning coffee looks.

The beverage was so frothy that many called it a cake. “That’s not coffee, that’s a cake”.

Some were curious to know how long it took to sieve it, as a comment read, “So how long did it actually take with the sieve? Just an estimate.”

Apart from this, the comments section was flooded with many lauding the recipe. A user commented, “That’s one of the best dalgona recipes.”

Another said, “I literally gasped when you did the cute little zebra stripes. I am pleasantly bamboozled, my friend.”

Would you like to give this recipe a try? Tell us in the comments. 

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