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Tarot Card Readings: Tarot daily prediction for November 17, 2023

Aries –

Seven of Cups

Read about your daily tarot prediction for November 17, 2023.
Read about your daily tarot prediction for November 17, 2023.

Keep your eyes open, Aries. New and exciting opportunities are about to knock on your door. You’ve been waiting for things to change, and it looks like your wishes are starting to come true. Don’t let past letdowns hold you back from embracing the good that’s coming your way. Luck is on its way to you, so stay open and ready to accept it.


Queen of Pentacles

You might put on a tough front, Taurus, but those who know you well see your caring side. Being kind and compassionate, especially at work, helps people see you as a leader who brings out the best in them. It adds a human touch to your leadership style and makes others feel valued.


Eight of Cups

Happiness might not take much to find, Gemini. Someone might bring a lot of joy into your day today. Capture that happiness, not just in photos but in how your positivity spreads to everyone around you. When you’re happy inside, it shines and brightens up others’ lives too.

Cancer –

Ten of Swords

Feeling down might seem bad, but it can actually show you what needs to change. Negative feelings can be a guide, revealing where you need to set boundaries and grow. Painful experiences can push you to become stronger and help you understand yourself better.

Leo –

Seven of Swords

Sometimes people do things that are hurtful, and it’s hard to understand why. Some things might never make sense. Focus on staying true to your own values rather than trying to figure out others’ actions that don’t align with yours.

Virgo –

Knight of Swords

Sometimes, solving a problem requires taking action. Taking charge doesn’t mean being controlling; it means being someone who gets things done. It’s about making a difference and earning respect, not about being bossy.

Libra –

Six of Swords

The world can be tough and overwhelming, especially with all the news these days. But each day brings a chance to create a better tomorrow. Even if you don’t know what the future holds, every decision you make shapes it. Choose wisely to make things better.


Knight of Cups (reversed)

Someone around you might be in a bad mood, and it might be hard to understand why. You can be supportive and caring, but changing yourself to fit their mood won’t fix things. Show you care, but don’t lose sight of who you are.

Sagittarius –

The Hierophant (reversed)

Family traditions might be changing, and that’s okay. Some people want to create new customs instead of sticking to old ones. Even if there’s disagreement, try to see it as a part of their growth and independence.

Capricorn –

Three of Swords

Heartache hurts a lot, especially when you didn’t see it coming. Healing takes time, and even if things ended badly, know that it’ll get better eventually. It’s tough, but you’ll get through it with time and patience.

Aquarius –

Queen of Pentacles

It can be hard to get everything done, but you’re doing great, Aquarius. Even if you’re tired, you’re still achieving your goals. Your dreams are important, and you’re doing an excellent job of working towards them, even if you don’t always feel like you are.

Pisces –

Nine of Pentacles (reversed)

It’s easy to overspend, especially during the holidays. Keep an eye on your spending to avoid regrets later. Be mindful of your expenses and try not to go overboard, so you don’t feel bad about your purchases later on.

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