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  • Suniel Shetty reacts to Narayana Murthy’s 70-hour work week statement | Trending

Suniel Shetty reacts to Narayana Murthy’s 70-hour work week statement | Trending

Following Narayana Murthy’s statement on the first episode of ‘The Record’ that India’s productivity is low and young people need to work 70 hours a week, it sparked a debate on social media. Many entrepreneurs and leaders have shared their opinions on Murthy’s statement. Now, actor Suniel Shetty also shared his take on the 70-hour work week.

Suniel Shetty shared a post on LinkedIn regarding the 70 hour work week statement. (Instagram/@SunielShetty)
Suniel Shetty shared a post on LinkedIn regarding the 70 hour work week statement. (Instagram/@SunielShetty)

Shetty took to LinkedIn and wrote, “The way I see things, when a man, the size of Mr Narayana Murthy, says something, you listen carefully, analyse for yourself & take the best out of it.

Even though this is a contentious issue, it’s important to stop & think about what he really meant. For me, it really isn’t about the number of hours. It isn’t about 70 or 100-hour weeks. The way I read his thoughts is simple – It’s about going beyond your comfort zone.” (Also Read: ‘5-day office week is dead’: Harsh Goenka’s take on 70-hour work week)

He further gives examples of Virat Kohli, Amitabh Bachchan, Ratan Tata and others and mentions how they are leaders who excelled in their respective fields.

“Do we really think any of these individuals got to where they did in life, by playing within their comfort zones? Do we really think any of these individuals spent the early years of their careers worrying about whether they were striking the right balance between work & life? I’m sure they didn’t. I can bet that their singular focus in their early years & perhaps through later years as well, was or is pushing themselves beyond limits others had set for them,” said Shetty in the post.

He then adds, “Why I see Mr Murthy’s statement for what it was really trying to convey, is because I do believe that young adults should spend their earliest years pushing their boundaries. (Also Read: Namita Thapar reacts at Anupam Mittal for supporting 70 hour work week)

Honing skills, acquiring new ones, dealing with pressure, learning about other functions, working in collaborative environments & generally making the most of the opportunities, should be top priority for all young adults.”

At the end of the post, Shetty says if he could change a few things from his 20s, he would spend time learning more things. “This coming from someone who was working full time by age 17, didn’t socialise much as I was manning the restaurants on most nights of the week including weekends & especially during festivals, and yet managed to maintain my fitness routines,” shared Shetty.

Take a look at the full post shared by Suniel Shetty here:

This post was shared on November 1. Since being shared, it has received more than 9,000 likes. The post also has numerous comments.

Check out what people are saying about this post here:

An individual wrote, “Suniel sir, I personally feel it should be the effort that one puts in rather than the number of hours and from that effort what is the best possible result that one can attain.

Efforts lead to productivity rather than work hours. You can have your staff sit in the office for 10 hours a day while away time because the work assigned could be over within 2-5 hours depending upon the personnel and his/her efficiency.”

A second said, “Coming out of your comfort zone is important. However, it is only possible if you love the work you do. If you crib over a job, no matter how much hard work you put in, it will feel like a burden. It’s important to make the right career choice. Many engineers are engineers today because of family or society’s pressure!”

A third added, “Very well articulated sir and has guided the discussion/debate in a logical manner. Nothing comes free in life…. Even success has its own hardships, learning and obstacles which each one has to overcome.”

A fourth shared, “Great piece! I love the way you have taken the best out of the ‘most discussed’ statement. Can’t agree more.”

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