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Spill No More! How to Fill a Bottle with Oil? 5 Tips to Your Rescue

Have you been struggling while refilling oil in bottles and dispensers? Do you end up spilling oil every single time? Does your oil dispenser look greasy and unclean? We bet most of you will say ‘Yes’! Refilling oil in bottles is a real struggle that often goes completely overlooked. In fact, amid discussions about organizing kitchen racks and utensils, we often ignore this essential phenomenon. Isn’t that right? But not anymore. Here we bring you some genius hacks to refill oil in containers without creating any mess. This way, you can not only keep the kitchen clean but also avoid attracting germs and dirt to the bottle. Sounds perfect? So, without further ado, let’s get going.
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5 Tips to Remember While Refilling Oil in Bottles and Dispensers:

1. Place a funnel in the mouth of the oil bottle:

This is an age-old method of pouring oil into bottles. Place the funnel in the mouth of the bottle and pour the oil through it. But make sure you use a good quality funnel and clean it after every use.

2. Cut a small hole at the edge of the oil packet:

Do not cut big holes in the oil packet while pouring. This will spill oil all over the place. Instead, making a small hole at the edge of the oil packet will help you keep control over the flow of oil you are pouring.

3. Take time and work steadily:

Precision is the key. It is important not to rush while doing the job. Work with complete attention, and this will help you keep control over the flow and prevent spillage.

4. Keep a bowl below the bottle:

Placing a bowl under the bottle will help you gather the extra oil. Later, you can either use it in cooking or fill the bottle. This way, you can prevent a mess or oil spillage on the kitchen floor.

5. Place a paper towel instead of a bowl:

Instead of a bowl, you can also place a thick layer of paper towel underneath. This will help you have a grip on the bottle. Additionally, the spilled oil will get soaked easily without creating further mess.
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Yet another incredibly healthy substitute of vegetable oil is olive oil.

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How to Prevent Oil from Sticking to the Neck of the Bottle:

The trick is very simple. Clean the bottle every time you use it. You can either use a paper towel for the process or cover the neck area of the bottle with a thick layer of tissue. Hold it tight with a rubber band and allow the oil to soak easily.
Now that you have these tips handy, follow them diligently to prevent greasy, oily bottles from ruining the vibe of your kitchen.

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