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Public Toilets: Nmc To Add 32 More Smart Public Toilets |

Nagpur: Ignored for several years, the Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC) has finally decided to construct 32 more public toilets in crowded and commercial places across the city.
Municipal commissioner and administrator Abhijeet Chaudhari has directed the civic administration to prepare detailed project report on smart public toilets across the city within the next month. Slum department has been directed to initiate the project.
Chaudhari held a meeting on Monday which was attended by NMC chief engineer Rajeev Gaikwad, executive engineers Kamlesh Chauhan, Vijay Gurubakshani, Sulabh International’s Ramnaresh Jha among others.
There are 68 toilets at present in all 10 zones of the NMC combined. Three of these toilets are smart public toilets. Now, 32 more smart public toilets will be constructed for the convenience of citizens.
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Kochi corporation council’s plan to set up public toilets in the city has not been initiated, despite a private firm being chosen for the project. The original plan was for 20 locations, but this was reduced to 10. The private firm has not made contact since a council meeting in September, possibly due to objections from opposition councillors. The lack of public toilets in Kochi is causing difficulties for visitors, including foreign tourists.
One VIP toilet in each ward in Pune, but who will maintain them?
The Pune Municipal Corporation has started building VIP or aspirational toilets in each civic ward of the city. These toilets will have touchless flushing, breastfeeding chambers, and automatic sanitary napkin incinerators. The project aims to improve the condition of public toilets in the city, which are often in poor condition. Each toilet block will have separate units for men, women, the transgender community, and those with disabilities. The project is estimated to cost around Rs 5 crore and will be funded by the state government and the PMC.

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