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  • One Piece season 2: Netflix renews One Piece for exciting Season 2: When can we expect production to begin for the Straw Hats series?

One Piece season 2: Netflix renews One Piece for exciting Season 2: When can we expect production to begin for the Straw Hats series?

Netflix has just made the day of One Piece fans worldwide by confirming the renewal of the beloved show for another round, anticipated to be Season 2. This renewal announcement was accompanied by an exclusive video message from Eiichiro Oda, the manga creator and executive producer of the show.

Eiichiro Oda’s Message to Fans

In the renewal confirmation video, Eiichiro Oda expressed his appreciation to the Straw Hat Grand Fleet for their reception of Season 1 of the live-action One Piece. He conveyed heartfelt gratitude to fans who have followed One Piece for years, as well as those who recently embarked on the thrilling journey for the first time. Oda also shared the exciting news of Netflix’s decision to extend the show, ensuring that the adventures of Iñaki and the live-action Straw Hats will continue.

However, Oda humorously hinted at future challenges for the Straw Hat crew, suggesting the need for a skilled doctor in the upcoming season. While the specific episode count for Season 2 and further story details remain undisclosed, fans can anticipate more epic adventures on the horizon.

Season 2 Format and Production Insights

Netflix’s renewal announcement intriguingly avoids the term “season 2,” similar to how they approached the renewal of “The Sandman” for “more episodes.” This implies that while fans can expect a new season, the format and structure might deviate from traditional season models. Possibilities include standalone story episodes, movies, or a different format altogether. Until additional information is released, it will be simply referred to as Season 2.

The prospects of Season 2 have seemed promising, thanks to the show’s solid performance. Marty Adelstein, CEO of Tomorrow Studios, indicated that scripts are ready, and if production commences swiftly, fans could enjoy the new season within 12 to 18 months. The production timeline may be influenced by ongoing strikes, including the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes, which may not be resolved until 2024.

One Piece’s Remarkable Netflix Performance

One Piece has been a standout performer on Netflix, securing the top position among English-language shows during the weeks it has graced the Netflix top 10s. In the period from August 27th to September 10th, it accumulated an impressive 285.80 million global viewing hours, equivalent to 37.8 million views (completed viewing equivalents). The show’s viewership even saw a 4% increase in the second week.Despite its remarkable performance, One Piece currently ranks slightly below “Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story.” While it may not join Netflix’s all-time top 10 list, its passionate fanbase and compelling storytelling continue to make it a beloved series on the streaming platform.As fans eagerly await more details about One Piece Season 2, the spirit of adventure and camaraderie embodied by the Straw Hat crew continues to capture hearts around the world.


Did One Piece stop for 2 years?

In the world of One Piece, the term “timeskip” alludes to a pivotal moment in the storyline that transpires between Chapters 597–598 and Episodes 516–517. This moment effectively divides the One Piece narrative into two distinct phases: the “Sea of Survival: Super Rookies Saga” and “The Final Sea: The New World Saga.”

Will there be a One Piece Season 2 Netflix?

Great news for Straw Hats fans! Netflix has officially greenlit a second season for its live-action adaptation of “One Piece.” The streaming giant enlisted series creator Eiichiro Oda to deliver the exciting announcement in a video released on Thursday.

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