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model virtual school: Delhi Model Virtual School nurtures real-world skills in virtual assemblies

Delhi Model Virtual School (DMVS) is redefining the virtual learning experience by not only conducting online classes but also offering students a taste of the traditional school environment. This innovative approach includes morning assemblies organized and led by students, guest lectures emphasizing life skills and humanitarian values, and a diverse range of interactive sessions.

Students like Aditi Gupta, a Class X student who joined DMVS in its inaugural batch, praise these assemblies as an improvement over her previous school experiences. Gupta mentioned that the assemblies, conducted in theme-based groups, have covered various important topics like concentration and the environment. These sessions commence at 8 am and conclude at 8:25 am, providing a structured start to the day.

For many students like Gupta, enrolling in DMVS, affiliated with the Delhi Board of School Education, was a financial necessity, as it offered affordable education options compared to private schools.

Now in its second year, DMVS has expanded its offerings to include admissions for Class XI in both STEM and humanities streams. The school’s principal, BK Sharma, shared that the aim of these virtual assembly sessions is to not only impart knowledge but also instill essential life skills and humanitarian values in students, equipping them to become competent learners and compassionate individuals in the 21st century.

Sharma emphasized that the assemblies are organized and conceptualized by the students themselves, providing a platform for them to showcase their talents, express their ideas, and foster teamwork.

Ahona Das, another Class X student residing in Bangalore, spoke about her experiences making presentations on subjects such as animal welfare, wildlife conservation, and time management. Despite the virtual format, students collaborate effectively, with teachers readily available for guidance. Additionally, Samwaad sessions, featuring guest speakers from various fields, offer unique insights and broaden students’ horizons.Das explained that these sessions covered topics like entrepreneurship, patriotism, music, positive attitude, equanimity, and anger management. These interactions encourage curiosity and a thirst for knowledge beyond the traditional classroom setting.Parents, too, are expressing satisfaction with DMVS. Manish Saraf, a parent living in Goa, opted for virtual schooling for his son, Akarsh, studying in Class X. The family’s move from Delhi to Goa prompted this decision due to concerns about the local education system. Saraf noted that DMVS provided individual attention to each student, reinforcing the school’s commitment to delivering quality education.

DMVS’s unique approach to virtual education, combining academic rigor with character development and real-world experiences, is gaining popularity among students and parents alike. As the school continues to evolve, it remains dedicated to preparing students for a dynamic future while nurturing their personal growth and values.

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