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Little snake hiding inside shoe creeps out Internet | Trending

Imagine you’re all set to go out for work and just need to put on your shoes. But, as you’re doing that, you feel a snake on your foot. Sounds horrifying, right? Well, a man faced something like this, he was quick to call an animal rescuer.

Snapshot of the snake hiding inside a shoe.
Snapshot of the snake hiding inside a shoe.

Snake rescuer Aarti shared about this incident on Instagram. The video opens to show Aarti holding a shoe. She then takes a stick and lifts the shoe up to reveal the snake. Aarti tries to slowly tap it on the ground, trying to take the snake out. However, it just crawls back in. Then she finally puts her hand inside the shoe and takes the snake out. (Also Read: Snake hides inside woman’s toilet, people call it a ‘nightmare’)

Watch the video of the snake hiding inside a shoe here:

This post was shared on July 10. Since being posted, it has already garnered more than 4.1 million views. The share also has several likes and comments.

Check out what people are saying about this video here:

An individual wrote, “That’s why they always say, shake your shoes first and then wear them.”

A second commented, “Ma’am you have a lot of guts, I would have run away.”

A third posted, “I would have thrown away the shoe.”

“This same thing happened to me when a snake entered my shoe. I felt very scared,” shared another.

A fifth added, ” I would have walked out and run away from the whole neighborhood.”

“New fear unlocked,” said a sixth.

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