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  • JD(U) warns RJD minister against remarks on Hindu scriptures | Patna News

JD(U) warns RJD minister against remarks on Hindu scriptures | Patna News

PATNA: Bihar Education minister Chandra Shekhar’s repeated remarks towards Ramcharitmanas seems to be slowly causing strains in relations between two key Grand Alliance partners in the state — RJD headed by Lalu Prasad and JD(U) of chief minister Nitish Kumar.
Cautioning him against making controversial remarks towards Hindu religious books, JD(U) spokesperson Dr Sunil Kumar on Tuesday warned the minister of getting prepared to “face consequences” if he doesn’t mend his ways.
“He (the education minister) is a habitual offender. He goes on preaching on Ram and Ramcharitmanas at every function. If he is so much interested in preaching on religions, he must attend religious discourses,” Dr Kumar told the media on Tuesday adding the minister should better focus on his portfolios, rather than giving gyan on religion.
He expressed concerns and surprise over the way the minister has even refused to abide by the advice of his own party leader and deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav to better focus on his department.
“We fail to understand what prompts him to ignore even Tejashwi’s advice,” the JD(U) leader said, warning he would be prepared to “face consequences” if he didn’t mend his ways. “Yah spasht hai ki agar shirsh netritv ki baat nahin sunenge to aap har chij ke liye tayar ho jaiye,” the JD(U) leader warned.
Not only the JD(U), even the Brahmins serving as priests too are indignant at the Hindu religious books being frequently targeted by the education minister. “The minister must know that Ramcharitmanas is an antibiotic. Deadliest diseases get driven out just by reciting this epic,” a temple priest told a local news portal on Tuesday adding such remarks were set to “bring disasters” for the minister.
Another priest said “verbal attacks” on deities have increased since the RJD came to power after Nitish Kumar’s switched sides last year. “We will soon take out a protest march in the state capital against the minister’s act and submit a memorandum to the CM seeking action against the former,” declared another priest.
The RJD said the minister continues crossing the “Laxman Rekha” despite instruction by deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav.
“Tejashwiji categorically told him to focus on his department yet he goes on speaking on religion. One should not make comments that hurt religious sentiments of the people,” RJD spokesperson Shakti Singh Yadav said on Tuesday. On being asked if such outbursts are bound to create cracks between the two ruling partners, Yadav said the “Grand Alliance is intact.”
The education minister has been in the eye of storms for his repeated verbal outbursts against the Hindu granths. First, he accused the Hindu religious books of creating “hatred” in the society, then he likened Ramcharitmanas to “potassium cyanide” and finally he claimed on Monday that Lord Rama visited in his dream and asked to save Him from being sold saying, “Mujhe bikne se bacha lo.”

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