"Unconstitutional, Derogatory": Letter War Between Punjab Governor, BS Mann

"Unconstitutional, Derogatory": Letter War Between Punjab Governor, BS Mann



The latest clash of letters was triggered by the Governor’s letter to the Chief Minister.

In an escalating letter war, Punjab Governor Banwarilal Purohit has objected to what he calls “unconstitutional and highly derogatory” language used by Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann while asking that the Budget session of the state assembly be called on March 3.

The Governor said he would decide on the Chief Minister’s request only after seeking legal advice on the language used by Bhagwant Mann.

The latest clash of letters was triggered by the Governor’s letter to the Chief Minister on February 13 questioning many decisions taken by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government.

Mr Purohit wrote he had received complaints on the selection of school principals for a training stint in Singapore and asked for the details of the selection process, besides the cost of travel, training and lodging.

“In one of the letters addressed to me you had mentioned that because of the heavy mandate by the people of Punjab you are the CM, I fully agree with you on this count but you should also keep it in mind that people of the state I elected you for running the administration and as per the Constitution and not as per whims and fancies,” Mr Purohit said.

He said he had not made the letter public till then but was doing so because the Chief Minister had ignored them.

Bhagwant Mann was given 14 days to reply but he did so the same day on Twitter, following it up with a trenchant letter the next day.

“Hon’ble Governor Sir, your letter was received through the media…All the subjects mentioned in the letter are all state subjects. I and my government are accountable to 3 crore Punjabis according to the Constitution and not to any Governor appointed by the Central Government. Consider this as my reply,” Mr Mann tweeted.

Bhagwant Mann then wrote a letter with a similar message. “According to the Indian Constitution, I and my government are answerable to three crore Punjabis,” he said.

“You have asked me, on what basis the principals are selected for training in Singapore. The people of Punjab want to ask, on what basis are the Governors in different states elected by the Central Government in the absence of any specific qualification in the Indian Constitution? Please increase the knowledge of Punjabis by telling this,” Mr Mann wrote.

The Governor shot back: ” Since your tweet and letter both are not only patently unconstitutional but extremely derogatory also, therefore, I am compelled to take legal advice on this issue. Only after getting legal advice. I will take decision on your request.”

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