Kapil Sharma says he stays silent after talking so much on the show

Kapil Sharma says he stays silent after talking so much on the show

In the latest episode of the Kapil Sharma Show, host Kapil welcomes anchors Sweta Singh, Anjana Om Kashyap, and Chitra Tripathi. Kapil entertains the guests and praises their looks. Kapil talks about all three anchors often questioning guests on their news channel but this time he would ask them questions and they will have to answer them.
Kapil asks the anchors if they often feel like talking after leaving the studio. And Anjana says “After leaving the studio I often stay quiet and don’t feel like talking.” After hearing her answer Kapil adds “Correct nah you don’t feel like talking after blabbering so much in the show. I would request you to please tell my wife otherwise she always complains and doesn’t understand. Whenever I go back home and I stay quiet, she thinks why am I not talking to her and it’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just I need to be silent for a while.”

Anjana agrees with Kapil and says it looking at the screen to assure Kapil’s wife Ginni. Kapil further asks the anchor if they ever laugh out during an interview after finding something funny with the guests. Anjana says, “This often happens and we try to control but sometimes it’s not and our producers see it and try to edit the clip and make it off-air and shift it to the guests.”
Anjana says that she often looks at her mobile and responds to the guest’s messages during the live anchoring because it’s needed in this profession as the news might change accordingly so it’s important to stay updated even during the live session.

Kapil asks all three anchors if they fan anyone other than themselves and anchor Chitra added that they fan over each other’s shows and their anchoring. Further, in the show, Chitra talks about her recent anchoring for the UP elections. She adds that “I was getting ready and there was water on the bathroom tiles and I had to reach the studio around 8. So I was rushing around and in the rush, I fell down on the floor and there was blood all over my hands. I was in great pain and was on the verge of crying but I had to control myself as the coverage of the UP election was quite important and both Anjana and Sweta were unavailable. Later, I covered my hand with cotton and blood was falling while I was anchoring. After 1 and a half hours I told everyone about it and they took me to the hospital.”

Kapil and his team keep on entertaining the show and also asks questions which were given by the audience for the anchors. All three anchors also see their posts from their Instagram accounts as Kapil plays his famous segment Post Ka Postmortem. Everyone in the audience and the anchors laugh at the comments on their posts.

At the end of the episode, Kapil asks the audience if they have any news or would like to come on the TV and ask questions.

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