Dairy Milk omelette, anyone? It will make you forget Fanta Maggi and Oreo Pakora

Dairy Milk omelette, anyone? It will make you forget Fanta Maggi and Oreo Pakora

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Chandigarh, February 21

In this era of instant fame and recognition through social media, people are going to great lengths to become famous. Bizarre recipes, in fact, are one of the surest ways to go viral for many food bloggers and other influencers on the internet. It’s no surprise that street food vendors have started partaking in the trends.

While we had earlier witnessed Fanta Maggi and Oreo Pakora, now a food vendor has come up with Dairy Milk omelette.

In the video, the vendor starts off with making a regular omelette. He melts butter in the pan before tossing in the eggs. He then adds chopped onions, green chillies, tomatoes and sprinkles some salt along with other spices. Some coriander and shredded paneer also goes into it before the man proceeds to add the bizarre ingredient.

He takes a bar of Dairy Milk and grates it into the concoction. Before the omelette is flipped over, chocolate syrup is poured in generously. More slices of cheese, more chocolate syrup, and the finished product is served with a side of Dairy Milk and ketchup.

Despite the street vendor’s best efforts, people on the Internet aren’t too pleased with the combination.

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