Apple Watch band will change colour based on your outfit

Apple Watch band will change colour based on your outfit

Apple’s latest innovation, the Watch Ultra, was an instant hit with the fans and tech enthusiasts across the world. While all eyes are on the upcoming flagship phone of the year, the iPhone 15, Apple is currently working on finding a way to change the Apple Watch band‘s colour by itself.

Yes, you read that right! With the technology world changing at a fast speed, wearing a watch that’s a chameleon when it comes to colour, doesn’t seem like a distant dream anymore.

As per a report in Apple Insider, the Cupertino-based tech giant is researching how a single Apple Watch band can be colour-coordinated with a wearer’s clothes by its own. Though it’s unlike Apple to produce a device that actually helps users save some money, the tech giant’s newly-granted patent appears to show a band that changes colour on its own.

The ‘Watch Band with Adjustable Colour’ will save you from buying different Watch bands to match your different outfits.

“Users may desire the ability to customise their watch bands to express variety and style,” according to the newly-granted patent.

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“For example, a user may desire a watch band of a particular colour based on the user’s selection of clothing, other wearable articles, environment, or another preference,” the report added.Apple’s patent describes the idea by referring to Watch bands with “electrochromic features”, meaning that “an applied voltage” can cause “a variety of colours and colour combinations to be displayed by a single band”.Moreover, the report said, while the patent attempts to describe every possible use of its core idea, the central examples revolve around bands that are made from a fabric which is itself woven from filaments.

“Some or all of the filaments can include electrochromic features. For example, one or more of the filaments can include a conductor and an electrochromic layer,” Apple was quoted as saying.

The patent is credited to four inventors, three of whom previously worked on research for touch-sensitive fabrics for a future HomePod — Zhengyu Li, Chia Chi Wu, and Qiliang Xu, the report mentioned.

It will be interesting to see how Apple initiates this change in the smartwatch market.

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