Adani row: Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin demands joint parliamentary committee probe | Chennai News

CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu chief minister M K Stalin on Tuesday alleged that the charges levelled against the Adani Group were charges against the Union government and demanded a probe by a joint parliamentary committee. “A debate should be held in Parliament. A JPC probe should be ordered,” Stalin said.
Responding to a query in ‘Ungalil Oruvan’ programme about the Union government’s “reluctance to order a probe by the JPC or even permitting a debate in Parliament” about Hindenburg Research report, Stalin said the bench led by Chief Justice of India D Y Chandrachud was hearing the case. “The questions raised by brother Rahul Gandhi are serious. It is shocking that the Prime Minister has remained silent on the issue,” he said.
He said expunging Rahul Gandhi’s remarks on Adani Group in the Lok Sabha was against parliamentary democracy. “By erasing it from the Parliament records, you cannot erase it from people’s minds,” Stalin said.
On the Prime Minister’s statement that the Enforcement Directorate had brought the opposition together, the chief minister said it was a confessional statement as to what the enforcement agency was being used for. “This is the first time a Prime Minister has admitted in Parliament that he is taking revenge on the opposition parties,” the CM said, adding that it was not good for the country and democracy.
Stalin alleged that the Prime Minister was indulging in word play for hours in Parliament without responding to the opposition’s charges. Neither did he list the realisation of the assurances given to the people nor clarify on the BBC documentary and Adani issue.
On the PM’s jibe that the DMK aligned with the Congress that dismissed the M Karunanidhi-led DMK regime, Stalin, who is also the DMK president, said, “How can he say this? He aligned with the AIADMK that brought down the BJP government (Vajpayee regime).”
Reacting to the PM’s statement that ‘the more mud you fling, the more the lotus will bloom,” Stalin said the lotus would not bloom everywhere and not in places where there is mud. He also rejected Modi’s claim that people were his shield.
Turning to the Union budget, Stalin alleged that Tamil Nadu was ignored, and the Centre had not allocated funds for even the AIIMS Madurai project. Funding from the Japanese International Cooperation Agency had also not come yet, the chief minister said.
Stalin said his style of constructive politics, ignoring slander, had weakened the opposition. “I don’t want to waste my time responding to slander, lies and fallacious arguments. People have trusted me and voted for me. My goal is to provide all benefits to the people in my regime,” he said.
Asked about the advantages of the AIADMK securing two leaves symbol, Stalin said that one should not forget the defeat the rival party suffered in the Lok Sabha elections and assembly and local body elections.

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