‘We live in the future’: Models’ white garments change colour under UV light | Trending

‘We live in the future’: Models’ white garments change colour under UV light | Trending

Paris Fashion Week had its fair share of big fashion reveals in the past few days, including a few unusual ones. From models walking with attire on fire to robots stealing the limelight on ramp, there were several moments that stunned people. There is another inclusion to that list and it involves Japan’s fashion brand Anrealage special collection. During a show, the brand unveiled clothes that change colours under UV lights. The brand also took to Instagram to share images and videos of their special collection that have stunned people.

“Two equal worlds. Two different worlds. How we see the world. How they see the world. Wear equal. But not equal. For Autumn/Winter 2023-24, Anrealage uses fashion to explore the evolution of human perception and how every living organism — no matter how simple or complex — inhabits a world of its own,” they wrote as they shared a video. The clip opens to show two models standing on the stage wearing similar white coloured outfits. Soon two UV light beams scan the models revealing incredible colours and patterns.

Take a look at the video:

It didn’t take long for netizens to react to the video that shows the incredible transformations of apparently simple white garments into colourful ones. Many expressed their wonder while reacting to the video.

Here’s how Instagram users reacted:

“Wowwww! I think it is incredible,” wrote an Instagram user. “So cool,” commented a third. “Incredible,” posted a third. “Brilliant,” shared a fourth.

The brand also took to YouTube to share a video of their incredible creation.

The video also attracted several comments from people. Just like this YouTube user who shared, “I love how quickly the audience went from awkward coughing to stunned applause.” Another person added, “We live in the future.” A third expressed, “Even the makeup changed.” A fourth wrote, “Amazing.”

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