Watch | Tiger tries to attack leopard, fails miserably: ‘Stay slim to survive’ | Trending

Animal videos enjoy a high level of virality among the netizens. The reason? Well, they are such mood boosters. Adding to that long list is a video that captures chase war between a tiger and a leopard.

Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda on Tuesday shared a video on Twitter showcasing how a leopard survives in a tiger-dominated territory. In the 30-second clip, a tiger is seen getting ready to attack a leopard. As soon as it scurried towards the leopard, the latter was quick to climb a tall tree. The tiger followed and climbed the tree to some extent but failed miserably.

“That is how the leopard survives in a tiger-dominated landscape. Tigers can easily climb trees, with their sharp and retractable claws providing a powerful grip to hold the tree trunk and climb up. But as they grow old, their body weight prevents them to do so. Stay slim to survive”, the caption read.

As per the officer, tigers can easily climb trees but as they grow older, they gain weight which prevents them from doing such an active task.

Since the video has been posted, it has garnered over one lakh and forty two thousand views and over three thousand likes. Netizens have flocked the comment box with the adjectives like amazing, wow, mesmerising, incredible.

A user wrote, “See the astounding speed with which the leopard climbed the tree! Amazing!”. “Today I got to know that tigers can climb well”, commented another user. A user also wrote, “Best lines….Stay slim to survive”.

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