Teen recreates Wednesday’s ‘Thing,’ wows netizens | Trending

Teen recreates Wednesday’s ‘Thing,’ wows netizens | Trending

Netflix series Wednesday starring Jenna Ortega became a massive hit among the audiences. People not only loved the show but they also recreated the classic Wednesday look, imitated the viral dance on Goo Goo Muck by The Cramps, and made several videos about the series. Now, adding to the list of such videos, recently a teen has wowed netizens after she made the hand of the fictional character ‘Thing’ from the show.

Thing T. Thing, also known simply as Thing, is a fictitious character from the television show The Addams Family. It was something that the Addams dubbed ‘Thing’ since it was unidentified. In the Wednesday series, this character was played by Victor Dorobantu.

In a video shared by Instagram user Danish Baig he shares how his daughter made a prop of ‘Thing.’ “My daughter made this really cool “Thing” prop using her hand, foundation, and cardboard from toilet paper. Looked super creepy,” Baig wrote in the post’s caption. In the video, you can see the young girl with her prop which looks very close to the real character.

Take a look at the video here:

This video was shared a few months ago. Since being posted, it has been liked over 31,000 times. Many have even commented on the post.

Check out a few reactions below:

An individual posted, “What a illusion. She is so good at it.” Another person added, “Wow!!!I am going to copy it for my next Halloween party.” “So awesome! She’s so cool!” wrote a third.

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