Son challenges mom to put ball in another glass without touching it. Watch | Trending

Son challenges mom to put ball in another glass without touching it. Watch | Trending

People often post videos of themselves attempting bizarre challenges with the world. From the ‘Ice Bucket’ to the ‘Hot Pepper’, the Internet is awash with videos of people taking on various challenges. While some involve monetary rewards, others are for social recognition or creating awareness. Now, a video that is gaining popularity on social media captures a footballer son giving a challenge to her mom, who is a physics teacher, in exchange for a monetary award. And to his surprise, she outsmarted him and walked away with the money.

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“The son is an experienced soccer player while the mother is a distinguished physics teacher. The son challenged the mother thinking she would not be able to put the ball in the other glass without touching the ball.. But physics wins… look what she did!” wrote Railway bureaucrat Ananth Rupanagudi while sharing a video on Twitter. He also added two hashtags, #Physics and #soccer.

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The video opens with the son challenging his mom to put the ball inside an upside-down glass into another without touching the latter. Being a physics teacher, she quickly does that but fails as she touches the other glass. He then rechallenges her. This time, she uses a law of motion and stuns her son. Towards the end, she walks away with the money.

Watch the video below:

Since being shared on February 18, the tweet has received over 3.1 lakh views and more than 4,000 likes. The share has also been retweeted over 750 times and raked numerous comments.

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Here’s what people posted in the tweet’s comments section:

“Understanding Physics can make you look at the world differently altogether,” posted a Twitter user. “Outstanding!” shared another. A third remarked, “Centrifugal force.” “All hail physics,” commented a fourth. A fifth added “Applying physics in the practical world” with a love-struck emoticon. “The look on his face is priceless!” wrote a sixth.

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