Rescue centre shares video of python found behind a refrigerator | Trending

Rescue centre shares video of python found behind a refrigerator | Trending

Liberty Humane Society, a NGO providing shelter to rescue animals, recently took to Facebook to share a video of a very beautiful snake. In the caption they explained that the reptile was rescued from a flat located on the 29th floor of a building and is presently staying at the shelter.

“‘Banana’, this beautiful piebald ball python morph, is not a threat, but we guess to some people a surprise snake can seem like an emergency! ‘Banana’ came to LHS today after a resident found them behind their refrigerator, panicked, and someone called JCPD. Did we mention their apartment was in the Newport district, on the 29th floor?” the organisation added.

In the next few lines they explained more about the snake and also shared that they are looking for a ‘forever home’ for the reptile. “This is a socialised, domestic snake and is likely someone’s escaped pet. Please contact the shelter if you have any information about where ‘Banana’ belongs. If you’re interested in rescue placement or adoption please submit an application on our website – ‘Banana’ will be available for adoption following their 7 day stray hold,” they added.

Take a look at the video:

The video was posted a day ago. Since being shared, the video has received a few comments.

Here are a few comments

“Thanks for saving our scaled friends,” wrote a Facebook user. “I’ll adopt her, she is absolutely beautiful,” posted another. “She is beautiful,” commented a third.

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