Problematics | In the name of Einstein, match the following

Problematics | In the name of Einstein, match the following

In a T20 league, Sherlock, Tarzan, Uncle Tom, Valjean and Dr Watson join Looper Rings, Loyal Rangers, Vegan Burgers, White Gliders and Wings XI, not necessarily in that order. 

They come from five different countries and are of different ages: 21, 32, 43, 54, 65 (no age-shaming, please). One of them is a wicketkeeper and the rest are bowlers.  

We meet them sitting next to each other in a row. Each is wearing a different item of clothing from among the following: a yellow cap, a brown suit, a red tie, a blue denim jacket, and a green shirt. 

1. Valjean sits in the middle, two cricketers each to his left and right 

2. The one in the yellow cap sits on the far left 

3. Sherlock sits next to the Wings XI recruit 

4. The leg-spinner sits to the right of the player in the red tie 

5. The cricketer from Denmark joins Vegan Burgers 

6. The medium-pacer is 43 

7. Valjean is a leg-spinner  

8. The Argentinian sits on the far right 

9. Uncle Tom is in a green shirt 

10. The 32-year-old is the wicketkeeper  

11. The Man in the Brown Suit joins Vegan Burgers 

12. The Cameroonian is 65 

13. The off-spinner sits second from right 

14. Valjean and Watson sit next to each other 

15. Tarzan sits next to the 21-year-old 

16. The 21-year-old sits next to the man in the red tie 

17. The Brazilian joins Wings XI 

18. Tarzan is 32 years old 

19. The Ecuadorian joins White Gliders 

20. The superfast bowler joins Looper Rings  

21. The Loyal Rangers recruit sits next to the superfast bowler, but… 

22. The man in the blue denim jacket DOES NOT sit next to the 43-year-old .

Who is who, who does what, who sits where, etc? A table format would be nice. 

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