‘Perfect man’ gets thousands of followers on Instagram. But, there’s a twist | Trending

‘Perfect man’ gets thousands of followers on Instagram. But, there’s a twist | Trending

When someone joins a social media platform, it can take them a while to get followers. That wasn’t the case for Aaditya Iyer. He quickly grabbed the attention of netizens for being a ‘perfect man’ and accumulated more than 10,000 followers in just 10 days. His pictures clubbed with heartwarming captions captivated people. In fact, his profile bio also impressed many. “We’re only here briefly. Why not throw caution to the wind, wear our heart on our sleeve and stand for something,” it says. However, a recent video shared on his profile revealed that it is all but a lie as Aaditya Iyer does not exist and is created with help of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The profile has a total of 27 posts and the first post was shared earlier this month on February 4. Since then, there have been periodical updates with amazing captions. The caption of the latest video, however, reads, “You’ve adored me with your love. You’ve showered me with your compliments. You’ve witnessed my perfect world. Now, it’s time you heard my confession.” It is this video that explains how Aaditya Iyer isn’t real and has been created using different AI bots as part of a campaign by Bharat Matrimony.

Take a look at the video to see how this “perfect man” was created:

Since being shared, the post has stunned people. “Are bhy how this AI BOT can be so perfect looking human being????” wrote an Instagram user. “This is something unbelievable,” commented another. “Wow,” posted a third.

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