New cockroach species discovered in Singapore, named after a Pokémon | Trending

New cockroach species discovered in Singapore, named after a Pokémon | Trending

A new species of cockroach has been discovered in Singapore. The species, which bears the name Pheromosa is named after a Pokémon that resembles the cockroach and appears in the seventh generation of the video game series.

According to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum the family Nocticolidae, which only has 32 species known as of now, includes this fragile cockroach, which is the first record for Singapore. It was discovered in 2016 at a natural reserve during an insect survey to learn more about the variety of insects in Singapore. Although its exterior matched that of a recognised species, dissection revealed that it was actually a species that had never been discovered before.

Foo Maosheng from Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum and Cristian Lucañas from UPLB Museum of Natural History recently published a paper about their discovery. Maosheng even took to Twitter to share the news. He wrote, “A new delicate epigean Nocticola has been described and also serves as the first record of this genus from Singapore. @IpisLord and I have named it after the #Pokemon Pheromosa, with specimens in @lkcnhm.”

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An individual said, “Few things bring me more joy than seeing intersections between science and Pokemon. There’s just something beautiful about using inspiration from fiction to create progress in reality.” Another person added, “This is such a scientific slay, congrats!!” A third person wrote, “Omg, this is soo cool.”

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