Man receives wrong book in online delivery with a sorry note from the seller | Trending

Man receives wrong book in online delivery with a sorry note from the seller | Trending

Online delivery of various items is very common these days. However, at times, things may get misplaced or mixed, and we end up receiving something that we haven’t ordered. Something similar recently happened to Twitter user Kashish when he ordered a book from Amazon. However, there is an interesting twist to his story.

On Twitter, a man named Kashish revealed that he had ordered a book from Amazon, but instead of the book he had selected, he had got a children’s book titled ‘Looking for Laddoo.’ After he opened the package, he also found a note from the seller. In the note apologised to the consumer and stated that although the seller had the book which the person ordered, they couldn’t send it since it was damaged. The note further said he could return this order and asked him not to give a negative feedback.

In the post’s caption, Kashish wrote, “I ordered a certain book from Amazon, but they sent me this random book called looking for laddoo along with this letter like bhai what is going on.”

Take a look at his post here:

This tweet was shared on February 21. Since being posted, it has been liked by over 2000 people and has received several comments. The official Twitter handle of Amazon Help also commented on the post and apologised for the same. They also said that they will help resolve the issue. However, many others in the comments asked Kashish not to give negative feedback.

Take a look at some other reactions here:

An individual posted, “This is really cute! If I were you, I’d return the book and not leave negative feedback. Possibly, it’s a small mom-and-pop bookshop trying their luck on Amazon.” “That letter is cute though. The person who wrote that must have a good heart,” added a second. A third person wrote, “Just don’t give em negative feedback. They put effort into sending you this, showing you that it matters.”

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