Man claims he was fired from Google after being named a ‘star performer’ | Trending

Man claims he was fired from Google after being named a ‘star performer’ | Trending

Google has fired thousands of employees in the past few weeks, including many from India. Many laid off employees have taken to social media to share their ordeal. Among them is LinkedIn user Harsh Vijayvargiya who shared how he was suddenly fired by the tech giant. He also claimed that the news came after him being named as the ‘star performer’ of the month. In his post, he shared that the whole incident has left him asking ‘Why me?’

“I never thought my #Firstpost would be regarding #layoffs. Saturday Morning I skipped a heart beat when I got a pop up email notification on my phone stating email from Google Operations Center. I have been affected with layoff. One of the most valuable esteemed companies,” he wrote.

In the next few lines, he explained how he has always been a proud ‘Googler’. He added, “I had a very first question. Why me though I was a star performer for a month still why me ? And I see there was no answer at all!” In the post he also went on to talk about the immediate financial problems he is facing and his concerns about supporting his family. He concluded the post by sharing his professional credentials and writing that he hopes to find placement soon.

Take a look at the post:

Since being shared, the post has prompted people to share various comments. “I understand the pain because I also got laid off… be strong and definitely we will get back on track with a bang… Harsh Vijayvargiya… stay positive…,” wrote a LinkedIn user. “All the best,” shared another. “Sorry to hear about that, more strength and power to you. Commenting for better reach, all the best,” posted a third. “Stay strong, all the best,” commented a fourth.

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