Male hornbill caring for his partner is the sweetest thing you will see today | Trending

Nature is truly amazing in a lot of ways. And if you love to learn about wildlife, you cannot miss out on this post by Indian Forest Service (IFS) officer Parveen Kaswan. To mark the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the IFS shared a ‘beautiful love story’ of two hornbills on Twitter.

In the video, a male hornbill can be seen feeding his nest-bound female companion by delivering food to her and using his beak to help. In the post’s caption, the officer informed, “Show me a more beautiful love story than this. The male Hornbill feeding the female, who has locked herself in nest to raise the kids. This he will do for few months, daily.”

Take a look at the clip here:

In the post, the IFS also further wrote, “This is a story about hornbills which are perfect couple and which are also called as Gardner of the forest. How? There are 9 species of hornbills found in India. From Great to Grey. Hornbills are generally monogamous. The pair lasts long. Here a Wreathed Hornbill couple.”

Interesting, isn’t it? This video was shared one day ago. Since being posted on the social media site, it has been viewed 53,000 times and has close to 3000 likes. Many people have even commented on the post.

Take a look at the comments here:

An individual in the Instagram comments section wrote, “Nature is wonderful Thanks for sharing this excellent info & enlightening us with the importance of these amazing #hornbills” A second person added, “Excellent effort and perseverance. Kudos.” “Amazing documentation and narration!” wrote a third.

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