Half-ton meteor crashes in Texas’s backyard, video caught on doorbell camera | Trending

Half-ton meteor crashes in Texas’s backyard, video caught on doorbell camera | Trending

Since they were invented, doorbell cameras have undoubtedly recorded some fairly interesting things, but hardly any of them have ever recorded something so extraordinary. A door cam in Texas McAllen, recorded a part of meteor crashing in a person’s backyard.

In footage shared by @disdikmark, you can hear a loud boom in the person’s backyard. According to reports, the object that caused the loud sound was a half-ton meteor (454 kg). The person who shared the video in the caption wrote, “You can hear the meteorite explosion.”

Take a look at the videos here:

After this post was shared, NASA confirmed that a meteorite turned into an atmospheric fireball and crashed near McAllen, Texas 5 p.m. EST, February 15. According to NASA experts, the object was a meteoroid with a diameter of about two feet and a weight of roughly 1,000 pounds. With the signals in weather radar images, the angle and speed of entry are comparable with other naturally occurring meteorite falls.

They also added, “The meteor seen in the skies above McAllen is a reminder of the need for NASA and other organizations to increase our understanding and protection of Earth, to combine scientific and engineering expertise to advance human space exploration, to integrate terrestrial and planetary research for furthering our understanding of the solar system, and to promote successful space missions by mitigating risk.”

Take a look at Nasa’s post here:

After the Twitter videos of the crash were shared, it has been viewed over one lakh times. The clip also has several likes and comments.

Take a look at a few reactions below:

An individual in the post’s comments wrote, “Oh my goodness!!!! Hope everyone is ok!!! Thanks for sharing.” “The birds. When wildlife flees, you know something bad is happening,” added another. A third person posted, “My parents live in mission on Bentsen road, mile 9, and my dad and brother were outside the house, and they heard like a thunder sound.”

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