CEO’s appreciation post for employee who slept in auto sparks debate on LinkedIn | Trending

CEO’s appreciation post for employee who slept in auto sparks debate on LinkedIn | Trending

Bombay Shaving Company CEO Shantanu Deshpande took to LinkedIn to share an appreciation post for one of his employees who works round the clock. Deshpande lauded the efforts of Shanky Chauhan and said that he is the ‘heartbeat’ of the company. He even shared a picture that shows Chauhan fast asleep in an auto’s backseat, triggering a debate on hustle culture online.

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“I’ve been working for almost 12 years now. 5 years at Mckinsey and 7 as a founder. I’ve seen hard working, driven people. People who put in the hours and do everything possible and everything impossible, both. But no one continues to surprise me on this axis the way Shanky Chauhan does. On paper, he is our head of sales, chief of staff, head of the people committee. But in real life, he is the heartbeat of the company. In clutch moments, everyone relies on him. From me to Deepak to management to junior most colleagues. ‘Shanky ko poocho’ is a classic trump card up everyone’s sleeve. He loves the company. His eyes twinkle when he talks about his work, his team, his stores, his distributors, his customers. I see his team members start copying him. Talking like him, walking like him, working like him. It’s so obvious his impact and inspiration,” wrote CEO of Bombay Shaving Company Shantanu Deshpande in a LinkedIn post.

He added, “While he is a diamond asset, Deepak and I struggle to get him to switch off. We constantly worry about his health. We realise that for him to do justice to his own commitment to the Co, longevity is everything. His success is paramount. As founders, find your Shanky in your organisation. Rare beyond words, but the slingshot in your company’s success lies in identifying and cultivating such colleagues. If you find them, you will need only one or two. That’s enough.”

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“This is our man after a morning flight and marathon meetings. I can write a book on his anecdotes. For now – this post should suffice,” concluded Deshpande with the hashtag #findyourshanky. Alongside, he shared a picture of his employee Shanky Chauhan who is sleeping inside an auto.

Take a look at Shantanu Deshpande’s LinkedIn post below:

Since being shared four days ago on LinkedIn, the post has received over 11,200 reactions and more than 130 reposts. Additionally, the post raked a lot of comments.

Take a look at the comments below:

“There are Shankys in almost every company but sad part is most remain unrecognized, unappreciated and unnurtured…,” expressed an individual. “Everyone wants Shanky but looking at him, it’s a sad life honestly,” posted another. A third shared, “Another likely candidate for co-founder.” A fourth added, “While I hope to become the Shanky of a multinational, I also hope there’s a Shantanu who recognises my efforts. Good leaders recognise future leaders! Bad leaders = falling house of cards!” “Get him some time off. He needs a break,” suggested a fifth.

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