67-year-old woman does rope cycling in a saree, video goes viral. Watch | Trending

Age is just a number, and many people have proven it. From elderly women starting their own business at the age of 89 to others following their passion, many have beaten the odds. Now, adding to this list, a 67-year-old woman has inspired netizens after a video of her rope cycling went viral.

The video was shared on Instagram by user Shy Nu. The video begins showing an elderly woman in a yellow saree on a rope cycle. She successfully completes the challenge while wearing a helmet and safety equipment and pedaling the short rope cycle. The feat was accomplished at a significant height above ground level. In the post’s caption, Shy Nu informed, “I’m not afraid, son, I’ll ride the cycle. You just come with me. At the age of 67, that mother came to us to fulfill her wish. We fulfilled it.”

Take a look at the video here:

This video was shared two days ago. Since being uploaded on social media, it has been liked by more than 200 people, and the number is only increasing.

Earlier, another elderly man was seen performing stunts on his cycle. In the video, a man does tricks while riding his bike in traffic. The clip shows a man performing several tricks while riding his bicycle in the rain. The footage was recorded by a pedestrian crossing the same street. You can read more about it here.

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