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Dwayne Johnson, The Rocks Diet and Workout Plan as He Makes a Comeback at 51

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock made jaws drop after his unexpected return to WWE this week on Friday Night SmackDown. Here’s a glimpse of what his diet and intense workout routine looks like:

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson, The Rock’s Diet and Workout Plan as He Makes a Comeback at 51

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock made an exciting comeback on a SmackDown show in Denver, Colorado, marking his first appearance at 51. Since his historic performance on SmackDown’s 20th-anniversary event in October 2019, Dwayne Johnson has been visibly absent from the WWE. As he returned to the wrestling ring at Ball Arena in Denver recently, the crowd went bonkers.

WATCH Dwayne Johnson’s Viral Video:

He has maintained a great body throughout his wrestling and acting careers. You’re in for a treat if you’ve ever wondered how this Hollywood icon keeps himself fit and fine at 51. The nutrition and exercise regimens of Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock, are truly inspiring. As he makes a thunderous comeback, let’s take a look at his diet and workout plan.


Dwayne Johnson is an avid user of Instagram and keeps on sharing his diet and fitness regime on the social media platform. To develop lean, well-defined muscles, The Rock focussed more on exercising, controlling sodium and water intake, and eating right. Even doctors advised limiting sodium intake because it has been found that elderly people who have excessive sodium levels tend to have weaker muscles.

The wrestler’s diet and exercise program were geared at increasing muscle and losing fat. His diet focuses on calories and protein. As reported by Pinkvilla, The Rock exercised six days a week, and his strength coach said that he ate seven meals each day. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, as he is called by his fans, eats a lot of food to satisfy his body’s needs. While other people might find this eating pattern difficult, he is able to fuel his body adequately!


The Rock’s exercise regimen is one of the most difficult workout programs. Depending on the part for which he is training, his fitness regimen changes in severity. He works out six days a week, each day concentrating on a different muscle area. He usually works out for 30 to 50 minutes in the morning, followed by a high-protein breakfast to refuel. He then engages in strength training, which aids in the development of his muscle mass.

Oh yeah, he does have a cheat meal too! His cheat meal includes fries foods, cheese and even desserts. You’ll be surprised to know that The Rock has a sweet tooth and loves to indulge in delectable sweet treats like cookies and cakes. However, his sweet indulgence is ONLY doable for this highest-paid Hollywood actor because he burns an insane amount of calories.

Dwayne Johnson was a former professional wrestler whose enormous, chiselled figure made him famous. The Rock has acted in movies including Jumanji, Black Adam, and Fast & Furious. In addition, he produces movies and shares ownership of the XFL, a professional football league.

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