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  • Driver’s nonchalant reaction to finding Huntsman spider on car surprises people | Trending

Driver’s nonchalant reaction to finding Huntsman spider on car surprises people | Trending

How would you react if someone told you that you have a huge spider hitching a ride in your car? Most people would probably get out of the car and wait for animal control to take the arachnid away. However, what this driver did when a biker told him that he had a huge spider on his car’s bumper will leave you surprised.

The image shows a spider on a car's bumper. (Reddit/@B_Hulk)
The image shows a spider on a car’s bumper. (Reddit/@B_Hulk)

A video posted on Reddit captures the entire incident. It is shared with a caption that reads, “Just Australian things.” The video shows a biker debating if he saw a Huntsman spider on the bumper of a car. He then slowly approaches the car and informs the driver about the creature. To which, the driver calmly replies, “Yeah. It has been there for ages”. The video ends with both the driver and the bike rider laughing at the situation.

Take a look at this video of the spider:

The video was posted a little over 11 hours ago. Since then, it has accumulated nearly 3,800 upvotes. The clip has further collected tons of comments from people. While some shared how they also have ‘pet’ bugs in their cars, others posted that the video left them scared.

Take a look at what Reddit users say about this spider video:

“It’s the day you can’t find him, that’s when you get worried,” commented a Reddit user. “As scary as these big guys are, they’re actually great to keep around the house,” expressed another. “This is the most Australian thing I’ve ever seen. God love ‘em but holy hell would I set my car on fire if a spider that big was in it/on it,” shared a third. “I would leave the car and walk for the rest of my life,” posted a fourth. “I mean if I end up in such a situation what do I even do?” wrote a fifth.

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