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Diwali Brain Teaser: Can you solve this maths puzzle? | Trending

People are celebrating Diwali today, November 12, with homes and public spaces adorned with colourful decorations, oil lamps, rangolis, candles and more. As the festive fever grips the nation, we invite you to double the fun by challenging yourself and your loved ones with this Diwali-themed brain teaser. The brain teaser features different firecrackers, and you need to find the value of the given equation. Do you consider yourself a puzzle master? Then put your skills to the test and see if you can crack this one!

Brain Teaser: Can you find the value of the last row?(Instagram/@mathcince)
Brain Teaser: Can you find the value of the last row?(Instagram/@mathcince)

“What is your answer?” reads the caption to the brain teaser shared on the Instagram page named ‘Maths | Science | Education’. The brain teaser features rockets and firecrackers, each carrying a value. All you need to do is find their individual values and use them in the last equation to solve the puzzle. Do you feel confident enough to take on this challenge, and if so, how quickly do you think you can solve it?

The brain teaser was shared a day ago on Instagram. Since then, it has been viewed over 1.6 lakh times. Many who love solving puzzles took to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts.

“4 ans is correct,” posted an Instagram user.

“15.5 is the answer,” declared a third.

A fourth commented, “9×9=81. 5+5=10. Two rockets =18 Firecrackers =2.5. Answer= 18 – 2.5 = 15.5.”

“See there are 2 pairs of rockets so 9 2 times = 81 and then half of one bomb = 2.5 subtract 8 1- 2.5 = 78.5,” claimed a fifth.

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