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Data Storytelling: Study reveals benefits, drawbacks of library data storytelling

WASHINGTON: A study has found that effective data storytelling can improve public library administrators‘ approaches to data gathering and advocacy for libraries.The findings were published in the journal Public Library Quarterly.McDowell, associate professor in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign revealed in a recently completed [...]

What composes alien life? New study reveals they may not be carbon-based

A groundbreaking study has highlighted the possibility of self-sustaining chemical reactions capable of supporting alien life vastly different from that present on earth. While Earth’s biology hinges on organic compounds, comprised mainly of carbon along with elements like hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulphur, scientists feel alternative chemical frameworks could [...]

Traditional medicine provides health care to many around the globe – the WHO is trying to make it safer and more standardised

For approximately 80% of the world’s population, the first stop after catching a cold or breaking a bone isn’t the hospital — maybe because there isn’t one nearby, or they can’t afford it. Instead, the first step is consulting traditional medicine, which cultures around the world have been using for thousands [...]