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Bringing the ’70s mullet back with a twist

The ‘70s and early ‘80s were defined by the mullet hairstyle which was characterised by short cuts in the front, sides and long in the back. Musician David Bowie made it a hit in the ‘70s and back home we had the likes of Sanjay Dutt, Anil Kapoor and even Saif Ali Khan rocking the mullet during the ‘80s. In 2023, we are now seeing the resurgence of this cool hairstyle, but with a twist. The mullet has been now rechristened as modern mullet and adopting this look are the likes of Jacob Elordi, Paul Mescal and Vidyut Jamwal among others. Heartthrob Jacob Elordi swept us off our feet with his baby mullet at the Venice Film Festival and showed us why this hairstyle will define our pop culture.

Modern mullets are trending (Instagram)
Modern mullets are trending (Instagram)

Delhi-based fashion content creator Agou Sitlhou has been a fan of this flamboyant hairstyle. “Ever since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to grow my hair out. Unfortunately, my attempts have been unsuccessful because I kept colouring my hair, which ended up damaging it. I really like having a mullet hairstyle because it gives me a bold and confident appearance. What I enjoy most about having a mullet is the opportunity to experiment with different hairstyles. It’s the best part for me, as I can get creative with each photoshoot I do. I’ve been inspired by many people who sport mullet hairstyles and how they exude powerful energy through their hair,” he says.

The modern mullet is also a hit among the male models in fashion. “It gives us an edge and makes us standout among the litany of male models who are either sporting a buzz cut or slicked back hair these days. Modelling agencies are also interested in signing models with newer hairstyles and mullet seem to be a hit at the moment,” says model Stuart Court.

Hairstylist and makeup artist Amita Juneja shares how to achieve the modern mullet. “ Modern mullet is different from the conventional mullet as it involves faded hair on the sides. This look works best on hair with a lot of textures. Men with straight hair with have to use styling products like mousse and wax to achieve the desire mullet hairstyle.”

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