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Bharathiraja mourns the demise of ‘En Uyir Thozhan’ actor Babu

Babu, best known for his appearance in the film ‘En Uyir Thozhan’ passed away on Tuesday (Sep 19). He was age. Babu has been undergoing treatment for various ailments for the past few years.
In his post on X (formerly Twitter), Bharathirajaexpressed his grief on the passing away of Babu. “In the film industry, he should have become a huge star. In an accident on the film set, he was in bed for over 30 years.I feel heartbroken over the demise ‘En Uyir Thozan Babu, and my deepest condolences for the actor.”

Bharathiraja had also met Babu when he was undergoing treatment in the hospital and aided him financially. Babu also acted in the films ‘Perumpulli‘, which was directed by Vikraman, and ‘Thayamma‘, which was directed by Gopi Bhimsingh.
Meanwhile, during the early 1990s, Babu acted in the film titled ‘Manasara Vaalthungalaen‘. For an action sequence in the film, Babu had to jump from heigh. Even though the director suggested the actor use a body double, Babu attempted the do the stunt on his own. Babu stumbled and collapsed after taking a heavy blow to his back while attempting a high jump. Consequently, he had to put his film career on hold due to a severe injury.

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