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  • Bear breaks into Florida home, feasts on pizza, ice cream, and more | Trending

Bear breaks into Florida home, feasts on pizza, ice cream, and more | Trending

A hungry black bear broke into the garage of a Florida family and feasted on pizza, burger patties, bread, and vegan ice cream.

A black bear entered someone's home in Florida and ate their snacks. (Unsplash)
A black bear entered someone’s home in Florida and ate their snacks. (Unsplash)

When Florida resident Konrad Umpenhour attempted to use a smartphone app to close the garage door at his North Naples residence, where he lives with his parents, he received an error message stating that something was in the way. After reviewing security camera footage, Umpenhour and his parents discovered a bear who had entered their garage, reported UPI.

“The bear went in there, had his little meal, then my son scared him away. It was vegan stuff, he took a thing of vegan ice cream!,” said Kurt Umpenhour, Konrad’s dad to NBC2.

Konrad also told NBC2, “If the timing was any different, I would’ve been face to face with the bear, maybe had a new pet. Hey, if it likes my ice cream maybe I can tame it!” (Also Read: Bear crashes wedding, attacks the dessert bar)

This is not the first time a bear raided someone’s home in Florida and hogged on their food.

Tripod, a three-legged bear who lives in Lake Mary, Florida, was seen on camera breaking into a home and enjoying some munchies and alcohol. Josaury Faneite-Diglio received a notice from a security camera informing her of the bear’s presence inside her home.

While Josaury wasn’t herself at home, her 13-year-old son Joseph Diglio, and the family dog, Bruno, were inside. Hearing the dog bark, Joseph realised the bear had broken into the house.

A video of this incident was also shared on Instagram. The clip opens to show the bear entering the house through a makeshift door. It looks baffled at first, then he slowly makes his way towards the fridge and hogs on plum sauce, mangoes, and other things. Fortunately, no one was hurt while the incident occurred. Later the bear left on its own.

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