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  • Astrotalk CEO vows ₹100 crore reward to users if India wins World Cup final | Trending

Astrotalk CEO vows ₹100 crore reward to users if India wins World Cup final | Trending

Astrotalk CEO Puneet Gupta took to social media to announce a reward for its users if India wins the World Cup final match against Australia. He shared that 100 crore will be ‘equally divided’ between the users and the prize will be deposited into their app wallets. While some were left with questions after the announcement, a few called it a “good marketing strategy”. Some also joked if Astrotalk, being an astrological app, can predict the outcome of today’s match accurately.

Astrotalk CEO Puneet Gupta shared this picture on LinkedIn. (LinkedIn/@Puneet Gupta)
Astrotalk CEO Puneet Gupta shared this picture on LinkedIn. (LinkedIn/@Puneet Gupta)

Puneet Gupta took to LinkedIn to share a post about the reward and also reminisced about watching India’s last World Cup win in 2011.

“The last time India won the World Cup in 2011, I was studying in college, and it was one of the happiest days of my life. I watched the match with all my friends in the auditorium of a nearby college in Chandigarh. Oh God, we were all very tense the entire day. We didn’t sleep well before the day of the match as we kept discussing the match strategy the whole night,” he shared.

“But once we won the match, I had goosebumps for the longest duration. I hugged all my friends. We went on a bike ride in Chandigarh and did bhangra at every roundabout with unknown people. We hugged everyone we met,” he added.

In the few following lines, Gupta explained how he was feeling about the upcoming match. He expressed that he wants to share the happiness of watching the match with Astrotalk users who are “more like friends”.

“So, this morning I spoke to my finance team and pledged to distribute. 100 crores to our users in their wallets if India wins the World Cup,” he announced. He also urged people to cheer for Team India.

Besides the LinkedIn post, Gupta also shared a video on Instagram in which he is saying how he will pay 100 crore to Astrotalk users. His video prompted an Instagram user to ask, “Is hisab se mere wallet me kitna aaiga [By this calculation, how much will I get in my wallet]?” Gupta replied and wrote, “The exact amount will be equal to 100cr divided by no of users registered before the last ball of the match.”

Take a look at Astrotalk CEO Puneet Gupta’s social media posts:

Both the posts, on LinkedIn and Instagram, received tons of comments from people.

Here’s what netizens say about Puneet Gupta’s announcement:

“Astro guys, what’s this AGAR [if], you are dealing in Astro, simply tell us India is winning,” joked an individual. “It seems many people will sign up to get a pie of 100 cr. A nice way to attract customers and the post may go viral. A lot to learn from you,” added another.

“So let’s say you have 10 lakh users, then 100 crores divided by 10 lakh is 100 Rs. So for 100 rupees, you want me to open the Play Store, search for astrotalk, install it, and then sign up. Good marketing strategy but I will pass,” joined a third. “It’s not important that it will be great PR, the amazing part is how absolutely clear you are that the Customer is King. What a great thought,” wrote a fourth.

India is set to lock horns with Australia at 2 pm today at Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad. The Men in Blue started their World Cup 2023 journey with a match against Australia and emerged winners.

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